Remote Support

What types of computers do you support?

All computers and computer related devices to support small businesses.

I also assist with their industry specific software for their business like accounting, manufacturing inventory control, and ERP systems as well and website and email server services.

Who is your target market that you support?

Since I am a one man show and always will I support only small businesses. I do work with other consultants and many 3rd party vendors. I use a few enterprise level software database driven systems to help keep me organized, this enables me to stay on top of things and help these companies and their staff.

Are you taking new clients?

I only one to two new clients every year. Almost 100 percent of the time it's personal referral.

If your business is in need of personal assistant its best to reach me by phone first to see if I can help you. If you and are are a good fit then I will get you setup on my platform. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards as forms of payment.

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